Terrorist reading of IRGC by the United States

In the past few days, an anti-Iranian plan has been launched in the American circles targeting IRGC. Within the framework of this plan, the United States will name the IRGC, which, according to the constitution, is one of the military and defense pillars of the country, will be included in the list of terrorist groups in the US government.
The terrorist talk of IRGC’s reading by the United States was first introduced in September 2017, when it was abandoned by the adoption of the anti-Iran, Russia, and North Korean law known as Katsa.

The question is, what are the goals and objectives of the US government in redefining this issue?

1. First, it should be noted that the Treasury Department has already exerted a complete set of sanctions against members and entities of the IRGC subsystem within the SDN’s well-known list, listing IRGC’s name on the list of terrorist organizations provided by the US State Department under the name of FTOs Is known to have little operational impact.

2. Due to the lack of operational impact, it is clear that Americans are more likely to exploit their psychological and media dimensions in order to complete the hostilities against Iran first and, secondly, to tighten their anti-Iranian alliance quarters.

3. The most important consequences of American action include two cases:
a. By doing so, the credibility of American policy in dealing with the issue of terrorism is more likely to be squeezed by other countries and international public opinion, especially in the West Asia region. Because the role of IRGC in the fight against terrorism, especially the Takfiri group of ISIS, is undeniable.

b. As a mutually acceptable measure, IRGC can also apply the same procedure to the US military and its forces, and particularly to deal with them, as elements of the ISIS terrorist group.