The fears and hopes of the alliance of two korea

Last week’s meeting of North Korean and South Korean leaders in the Kaesong Civic Area was one of the most influential developments in the Korean Peninsula. The visit and previous actions of the parties have created “hopes” for destabilization in the region. However, there are also fears that “external factors” will shadow the peace process of the two globes, and maybe it will defeat it.

1- North Korea entered the South Korean dialogue and détente process, which had long ago reached the relatively high level of “deterrence” against the United States by testing the HuaSang-15 rocket with a range of nearly 4,500 kilometers.

2- One of the main reasons North Korea justifies its military upgrade is the widespread US military presence on the Korean Peninsula, in the form of joint military exercises with South Korea and Japan, and the deployment of Thaad missile systems in South Korea.

3- It is, therefore, natural that one of the reasonable – North Korean demands during the negotiations with South Korea, the United States, and China would be to reduce the presence and eventual withdrawal of the United States from the Korean Peninsula.

4- Just two days after North Korea’s confidence-building measures to begin preliminary talks with South Korea, the United States launched the new Todd anti-missile system on the Korean border, which provoked South Korean outrage and protested.

5- US tensions on the Korean Peninsula to deploy their military systems are in the opposite direction to the process created to reduce tension and stabilize the Korean peninsula. These actions can “slow” or even “stop” the peace talks.


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