Putting Sanctions Against Iran; Barriers and Endeavors in the United States

According to the US Treasury Department, after the withdrawal of the US JCPOA, unilateral sanctions against Iran will be put into effect in the two phases of August 04 and November 04.

Political-legal barriers:

1. Failure to accompany other actors: The unilateral withdrawal of America from the scene while fully adhering to Iran will largely eliminate the legitimacy of its unilateral sanctions, making it difficult for other actors to do so.

2. Lack of international legal infrastructure: Though US unilateral sanctions have been imposed more intensively than the Security Council’s resolutions against Iran, the resolutions, however, provided the infrastructure and legal legitimacy necessary to impose unilateral sanctions.

Administrative barriers:

1. Inadequate time: Trump’s government plans to work over the next six months over the past eight years by the former government of the United States.

2. Failure to persuade and sufficient media war: It should not be forgotten that an important part of the US sanctions strategy against Iran has been media and media warfare. It does not seem easy to do with the policies of the current US government.

Efforts to remove barriers:

1. Diplomatic efforts: such as consulting with Saudi Arabia to increase oil production and asking Germany not to pay Iran’s claims

2. Threats: The Treasury has threatened to punish countries and firms that intend to trade with Iran by issuing documents.

3. Media measures: An attempt to cope with Iranian fears and charges attributed to Israel during the past two months to Iran is part of this policy.


Photo: An Iranian woman walks past a mural on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran on May 8. (Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images)


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