And this is just one example of the progress of Khomeini’s revolution

In the famous message of the resolution, in the ratio of the first intifada of the Palestinian people to the bloody massacre of the pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, Hazrat Rouhollah said:

Dear and brave nation of Iran, I am sure that the incident of Mecca will be the source of great changes in the Islamic world and a good ground for the eradication of the corrupt systems of Islamic countries and the rejection of the clergy. And despite the fact that for more than a year, since the epic of transgression has not gone before the polytheists, the fragrance of the clean blood of our dear martyrs is widespread in the whole world and the effects of it all over the world.

The epic of the Palestinian people is not a coincidence. Does the world imagine who they have sung this epic, and who are the Palestinian people now reliant on their ideas to resist Zionist brutal attacks in an unprotected and empty way? Are they the only voices of patriotism that have created a world of persuasiveness? Has he sold his politician’s tree, which is the fruit of endurance and the olive of light and hope, spread on the Palestinians? If that were the case, those who have been eating bread with Palestinians and Palestinian people for many years! There is no doubt that this is the voice of “Allah the Great”, this is the cry of our nation, which in Iran caused the Shah and in Jerusalem to bring the usurpers into despair. And this realization is the same slogan that the people of Palestine during the Hajj demonstrations of their Iranian brothers and sisters shouted out “the death of the US, the Soviet Union, and Israel”, and on the same basis of the testimony that our dear’s blood poured on. He was also martyred by blood and blood.

Yes, the Palestinian lost his way through our viciousness. And we saw how the iron fences collapsed in this struggle, how blood broke out on the sword and faith in blasphemy and screaming; how the sleep of the Israelites fell from captivity to the Euphrates, and again, the dwarf of Palestine from the mosque “ La Ashyarah and La Gharibyah “We were thrilled. And today, as the vast activities around the world continue to compromise us with disbelief and shriek, the same goes on to extinguish the flames of the wrath of the Muslim nation of Palestine. And this is just one example of the progress of the revolution.


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