Saudi Arabia; the acceleration in its development and its sufferings

The removal of Saudi Arabia’s head of entertainment from the king, in a context where Riyadh has chosen cultural development policy as a model for western culture, can be considered meaningful.
The Saudi Arabian Amusement Board was established in 2016 on the basis of its vision of 2030, with the aim of establishing and developing a recreational and entertainment sector for all groups in all parts of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has previously said that Riyadh is seeking to attract domestic revenue from Saudi entertainment spending $ 22 billion abroad for fun.
In recent days, Saudi users on social networks have criticized the Russian women in Saudi Arabia for holding a circus. (link)
Some sources say the Saudi king has dismissed the head of the entertainment board to curb the critical wave in this regard.
The fact is that open-cultural door-to-door policy has always been a response to the traditional reaction of societies without going through a series of steps. There are many experiences in the Islamic world as well. Accordingly, the bin Salman development policies in Saudi Arabia have been the subject of discussion by some experts. They believe that the instability of these policies is quite possible. Therefore, it seems foreign consultants bin Salman will be sensitive to the speed of cultural change in the country in order to protect his power.

Photo: Yousef Doubisi—AFP/Getty Images


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