Fooling sadr in the election of the prime minister?!

Muqtada al-Sadr has at least twice emphasized that he likes Iran, not the enemy. Once, just a few days ago, when all the neighboring countries of Iraq were Iraq’s friends, not their enemies. Again, in the form of a declaration of 29 articles for national reconciliation in 2016 calling for the departure of a friend (Iran) and an enemy (US) from Iraq. His sense of friendship is, of course, different from others.

Al-Sadr and his forces now have received the greatest demand from the Iraqi people. Any thought in deceiving him in the election of the prime minister will have a profound effect on Iran’s imagination, his actions in opposition to Iran, and his convergence with Iran’s rivals. The folk races will have a plan for a win-win game. Sadr has shown that he is interested in this game in recent days.


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