Putting Sanctions Against Iran; Barriers and Endeavors in the United States

According to the US Treasury Department, after the withdrawal of the US JCPOA, unilateral sanctions against Iran will be put into effect in the two phases of August 04 and November 04.

Political-legal barriers:

1. Failure to accompany other actors: The unilateral withdrawal of America from the scene while fully adhering to Iran will largely eliminate the legitimacy of its unilateral sanctions, making it difficult for other actors to do so.

2. Lack of international legal infrastructure: Though US unilateral sanctions have been imposed more intensively than the Security Council’s resolutions against Iran, the resolutions, however, provided the infrastructure and legal legitimacy necessary to impose unilateral sanctions.

Administrative barriers:

1. Inadequate time: Trump’s government plans to work over the next six months over the past eight years by the former government of the United States.

2. Failure to persuade and sufficient media war: It should not be forgotten that an important part of the US sanctions strategy against Iran has been media and media warfare. It does not seem easy to do with the policies of the current US government.

Efforts to remove barriers:

1. Diplomatic efforts: such as consulting with Saudi Arabia to increase oil production and asking Germany not to pay Iran’s claims

2. Threats: The Treasury has threatened to punish countries and firms that intend to trade with Iran by issuing documents.

3. Media measures: An attempt to cope with Iranian fears and charges attributed to Israel during the past two months to Iran is part of this policy.


Photo: An Iranian woman walks past a mural on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran on May 8. (Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images)


The Syrian crisis and the dire problem of refugees

Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are the three main countries in the Western Asia region, which have been deeply involved in the Syrian refugees.
In the Turkish presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled to be held tomorrow, one of the rare issues that are almost agreed upon by all candidates is to organize a Syrian refugee issue. Erdogan has promised that after the election, it will seek to accommodate Syrian refugees residing in Turkey in the safe areas of northern Syria. There are more than three million and five hundred Syrian refugees in Turkey.
Lebanon, according to President Michel Aoun, has hosted one million and eight hundred Syrian refugees. In an interview with German Chancellor Merkel, Aoun has requested that the issue of displaced people be considered outside the political agreement of the major powers and be resolved more quickly.
In Jordan, though, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has stated that 660,000 Syrian refugees are in Jordan, but Jordan’s statistics are almost double that figure. The Jordanian king said recently that the Jordanian people have been responsible for the presence of the Syrian refugees and others. The presence of refugees in Jordan is one of the reasons for the country’s recent economic crisis.
Although the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced that 90% of Syrian refugees who are present in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan are willing to return to their country, among these three countries, the Syrian refugee population in Turkey is more likely than Erdogan’s policies. He seeks to maximize this issue in the Syrian crisis. Erdogan’s excuses for the occupation of some of the northern areas of Syria are refugee settlements, although the real reason was something else. In any case, the issue of displaced people is one of the most important aspects of the Syrian crisis that will not be resolved until the end of the crisis.

Saudi Arabia; the acceleration in its development and its sufferings

The removal of Saudi Arabia’s head of entertainment from the king, in a context where Riyadh has chosen cultural development policy as a model for western culture, can be considered meaningful.
The Saudi Arabian Amusement Board was established in 2016 on the basis of its vision of 2030, with the aim of establishing and developing a recreational and entertainment sector for all groups in all parts of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has previously said that Riyadh is seeking to attract domestic revenue from Saudi entertainment spending $ 22 billion abroad for fun.
In recent days, Saudi users on social networks have criticized the Russian women in Saudi Arabia for holding a circus. (link)
Some sources say the Saudi king has dismissed the head of the entertainment board to curb the critical wave in this regard.
The fact is that open-cultural door-to-door policy has always been a response to the traditional reaction of societies without going through a series of steps. There are many experiences in the Islamic world as well. Accordingly, the bin Salman development policies in Saudi Arabia have been the subject of discussion by some experts. They believe that the instability of these policies is quite possible. Therefore, it seems foreign consultants bin Salman will be sensitive to the speed of cultural change in the country in order to protect his power.

Photo: Yousef Doubisi—AFP/Getty Images

And this is just one example of the progress of Khomeini’s revolution

In the famous message of the resolution, in the ratio of the first intifada of the Palestinian people to the bloody massacre of the pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, Hazrat Rouhollah said:

Dear and brave nation of Iran, I am sure that the incident of Mecca will be the source of great changes in the Islamic world and a good ground for the eradication of the corrupt systems of Islamic countries and the rejection of the clergy. And despite the fact that for more than a year, since the epic of transgression has not gone before the polytheists, the fragrance of the clean blood of our dear martyrs is widespread in the whole world and the effects of it all over the world.

The epic of the Palestinian people is not a coincidence. Does the world imagine who they have sung this epic, and who are the Palestinian people now reliant on their ideas to resist Zionist brutal attacks in an unprotected and empty way? Are they the only voices of patriotism that have created a world of persuasiveness? Has he sold his politician’s tree, which is the fruit of endurance and the olive of light and hope, spread on the Palestinians? If that were the case, those who have been eating bread with Palestinians and Palestinian people for many years! There is no doubt that this is the voice of “Allah the Great”, this is the cry of our nation, which in Iran caused the Shah and in Jerusalem to bring the usurpers into despair. And this realization is the same slogan that the people of Palestine during the Hajj demonstrations of their Iranian brothers and sisters shouted out “the death of the US, the Soviet Union, and Israel”, and on the same basis of the testimony that our dear’s blood poured on. He was also martyred by blood and blood.

Yes, the Palestinian lost his way through our viciousness. And we saw how the iron fences collapsed in this struggle, how blood broke out on the sword and faith in blasphemy and screaming; how the sleep of the Israelites fell from captivity to the Euphrates, and again, the dwarf of Palestine from the mosque “ La Ashyarah and La Gharibyah “We were thrilled. And today, as the vast activities around the world continue to compromise us with disbelief and shriek, the same goes on to extinguish the flames of the wrath of the Muslim nation of Palestine. And this is just one example of the progress of the revolution.

Fooling sadr in the election of the prime minister?!

Muqtada al-Sadr has at least twice emphasized that he likes Iran, not the enemy. Once, just a few days ago, when all the neighboring countries of Iraq were Iraq’s friends, not their enemies. Again, in the form of a declaration of 29 articles for national reconciliation in 2016 calling for the departure of a friend (Iran) and an enemy (US) from Iraq. His sense of friendship is, of course, different from others.

Al-Sadr and his forces now have received the greatest demand from the Iraqi people. Any thought in deceiving him in the election of the prime minister will have a profound effect on Iran’s imagination, his actions in opposition to Iran, and his convergence with Iran’s rivals. The folk races will have a plan for a win-win game. Sadr has shown that he is interested in this game in recent days.

The fears and hopes of the alliance of two korea

Last week’s meeting of North Korean and South Korean leaders in the Kaesong Civic Area was one of the most influential developments in the Korean Peninsula. The visit and previous actions of the parties have created “hopes” for destabilization in the region. However, there are also fears that “external factors” will shadow the peace process of the two globes, and maybe it will defeat it.

1- North Korea entered the South Korean dialogue and détente process, which had long ago reached the relatively high level of “deterrence” against the United States by testing the HuaSang-15 rocket with a range of nearly 4,500 kilometers.

2- One of the main reasons North Korea justifies its military upgrade is the widespread US military presence on the Korean Peninsula, in the form of joint military exercises with South Korea and Japan, and the deployment of Thaad missile systems in South Korea.

3- It is, therefore, natural that one of the reasonable – North Korean demands during the negotiations with South Korea, the United States, and China would be to reduce the presence and eventual withdrawal of the United States from the Korean Peninsula.

4- Just two days after North Korea’s confidence-building measures to begin preliminary talks with South Korea, the United States launched the new Todd anti-missile system on the Korean border, which provoked South Korean outrage and protested.

5- US tensions on the Korean Peninsula to deploy their military systems are in the opposite direction to the process created to reduce tension and stabilize the Korean peninsula. These actions can “slow” or even “stop” the peace talks.

Trump internal scandal and attack on Syria

Three days ago, the United States, with Britain and France, fired more than 100 rockets at bases and some strategic sites in Syria on the pretext of building and using the Syrian government of chemical weapons.
However, the scale and outcome of US missile strikes, which was overwhelmingly and practically uninteresting, has left many analysts with serious questions about the underlying objectives of the operation.

Analysis and evaluation:
Donald Trump, undoubtedly one of the most challenging presidents of the United States, has been in the country for several hundred years. His moral and sometimes economic and security scandals have made him the most marginalized international figure in the world today.
He is currently facing a number of scandals in the internal scene, of which at least four of the most important are:

  • Multiple allegations of sexual corruption and illegitimate relationships
  • The relationship of his campaign with Russia
  • The relationship between the lawyer Trump (Michael Cohen) and the Russian elements.
  • The relationship between Tramp and his children with the New York Financial Mafia

Contrary to the general belief that national security issues are separate from the political one, the behaviors of the US president represent another truth.
One of the most important targets of a missile strike on some Syrian installations seems to be the distortion of public opinion about the deviations and scandals surrounding the White House.