ISIS leader’s presence again

Yesterday, one of the media channels attributed to ISIS released an 18-minute video, most of which was dedicated to ISIS headed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This is the second time a movie from al-Baghdadi has been released. But on this film, with some assumptions about its reality, a few points are followed;

Al-Baghdadi is clearly in the film following the dipole of Islam-Christianity. Although he refers to what has happened to ISIS in the Syrian bogus, he continually speaks of the necessity of jihading with the rabbis, and also suggests supporters to them, which could include some Arab states. This emphasis could lead to the activation of ISIS members and supporters in some Western and Eastern countries.

Al-Baghdadi seems to be appealing to the members and supporters of ISIS in different countries. With the video (if it is credible), while denouncing rumours about his death, which could boost the mood of the ISIS sympathies, by naming some ISIS commanders killed in those years, they prove their supporters They are grateful for their plots and all have been effective in the success of this group.

Al-Baghdadi insists that God has commanded Muslims not jihad and that they should continue to be jihad. Specifically, the Crusaders and their supporters will be the main target of this jihad.

He congratulates new donors in some countries to expose ISIS. At the end of the speech, al-Baghdadi, one of the attendees at the meeting, provided him with individual reports for each of the alleged ISIL provinces; Khorasan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, West Africa, Central Africa, Iraq and sham. What is highlighted in these reports is “the province of Turkey”!

Al-Baghdadi does not name Sri Lanka, and at the end of the film, a text is read by someone else who has a few sentences about the operation in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, there is the possibility that the film has been prepared before the events in Sri Lanka. It also has a polynomial about operations in Zulfi in northern Riyadh. The final text of the film speaks of the fight against al-Saud in the island of Mohammed (Saudi Arabia).


Considerations for immediate response to Israel

Israel, targeting the T4 Air Base, which has resulted in the martyrdom of several Iranian military advisers, was exploited by the use of the tense atmosphere of Russia and the United States following the assertion that the Syrian government’s chemical attack on the Duma. In this regard, what is certain is the need to respond to Israel at least at the same level as the attack on T4. But the other question is when the response time should be. However, immediate responses will mainly increase deterrence, but there are already considerations for it:

The Syrian government and its allies are on the road to victory over the terrorists and the United States and its allies have lost some of their means in Syria. Hence, the hasty movement in the atmosphere where the level of tension between Russia and the United States is high is likely to trigger a larger war for Syria, which may destroy the achievements of the past or worsen the conditions for further achievements.

Iran’s participation in the victory of the western ghouta of Damascus did not have a serious and high level of participation, and therefore Iran’s skirt did not survive the charge of a chemical attack. This led to the accusations against Russia and Syria, if Iran, as the most important resistance government in the region, would carry out an expeditious attack, it could be the focus of Western attention and as a result, there would be many problems for the axis of resistance.

Trump internal scandal and attack on Syria

Three days ago, the United States, with Britain and France, fired more than 100 rockets at bases and some strategic sites in Syria on the pretext of building and using the Syrian government of chemical weapons.
However, the scale and outcome of US missile strikes, which was overwhelmingly and practically uninteresting, has left many analysts with serious questions about the underlying objectives of the operation.

Analysis and evaluation:
Donald Trump, undoubtedly one of the most challenging presidents of the United States, has been in the country for several hundred years. His moral and sometimes economic and security scandals have made him the most marginalized international figure in the world today.
He is currently facing a number of scandals in the internal scene, of which at least four of the most important are:

  • Multiple allegations of sexual corruption and illegitimate relationships
  • The relationship of his campaign with Russia
  • The relationship between the lawyer Trump (Michael Cohen) and the Russian elements.
  • The relationship between Tramp and his children with the New York Financial Mafia

Contrary to the general belief that national security issues are separate from the political one, the behaviors of the US president represent another truth.
One of the most important targets of a missile strike on some Syrian installations seems to be the distortion of public opinion about the deviations and scandals surrounding the White House.

America, Iran and the reconstruction of Syria

The United States Secretary of State recently said that by destroying ISIL, his country pursued two other goals in Syria: the peace and withdrawal of Iran and its proxy forces from Syria. Of course, he also has a condition for the Syrian government: if Iran and its forces do not leave Syria, they will not even contribute to the reconstruction of Syria for a dollar. Three remarks are worth mentioning about these remarks;

Although Pompeo’s apparent stance of power is conditional, it has a significant meaning; the Americans, who in the early years of the crisis, did everything he did to escape Assad, now to take part in the rebuilding of the country, for He bets. This is clearly a failure to achieve the main goal. Of course, in such a case, the United States tries to use the flexibility to take advantage of the advanced conditions.

There is no rational consistency in Pemo’s statements. He has urged the Syrian government to expel Iranian forces from the country, whose presence in the country has been illegal in the country without the permission of the Syrian government and thus illegitimate. On the other hand, Pompeo speaks for the Syrian government – whose sovereignty has been violated by the United States – of participating in reconstruction, provided that they expel Iranian forces. In other words, the United States violates the Syrian government, but it recognizes it as a reconstruction.

Pompeo’s remarks show that the United States intends to play with a rebuild. Given the urgent needs of Syria in the area of ​​reconstruction, the game will only fail if the governments with Syria, such as Russia and Iran, and some moderate countries will enter this field.

The Syria conflict has rebalanced regional axes of power in the Middle East ( Getty Images )