Hollow authority

The year of 2018 was not calm for the crown prince of the young and powerful Saudi Arabia. He is now more than ever pressurized by media and politics. However, there is no sign of a decisive change in his behaviour, although these pressures have made him harder. In the following, some of the binaries for Bin Salman, which has tarnished his reputation at the regional and international levels, comes.

In the spring of this year, the assassination of the crown prince was raised, and once again, internal disputes in Saudi Arabia were highlighted in the media regarding the arrival of Bin Salman. His long absence in the media confirmed rumours. The truth is, with all the actions that the young crown prince has done to suppress the opposition, they are still afraid of their area.

The Guardian recently reported a new level of disagreement. The report cites the differences between Salman and his son regarding the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Yemeni war, the appointment of some officials and ambassadors, and so on. Even if it is not so accurate, this report will not be of any use to the media in the interest of bin Salman.

The killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a critically acclaimed journalist, bin Salman, who turned Turkey’s artistic play into the disclosure of information into one of the most important regional and international news, placed bin Salman’s character under the scales more than ever before. The soft power of Bin Salman was so shocked that his trip to some African countries was accompanied by prominent popular protests.

That every few days, a US Congressman or Senate representative to express concern over the kingdom of Bin Salman and the dangers of it is not desirable for his image of trying to identify himself as the first person in the Arab world. However, at a strategic level, America’s position on bin Salman and Saudi Arabia is clear.


America, Iran and the reconstruction of Syria

The United States Secretary of State recently said that by destroying ISIL, his country pursued two other goals in Syria: the peace and withdrawal of Iran and its proxy forces from Syria. Of course, he also has a condition for the Syrian government: if Iran and its forces do not leave Syria, they will not even contribute to the reconstruction of Syria for a dollar. Three remarks are worth mentioning about these remarks;

Although Pompeo’s apparent stance of power is conditional, it has a significant meaning; the Americans, who in the early years of the crisis, did everything he did to escape Assad, now to take part in the rebuilding of the country, for He bets. This is clearly a failure to achieve the main goal. Of course, in such a case, the United States tries to use the flexibility to take advantage of the advanced conditions.

There is no rational consistency in Pemo’s statements. He has urged the Syrian government to expel Iranian forces from the country, whose presence in the country has been illegal in the country without the permission of the Syrian government and thus illegitimate. On the other hand, Pompeo speaks for the Syrian government – whose sovereignty has been violated by the United States – of participating in reconstruction, provided that they expel Iranian forces. In other words, the United States violates the Syrian government, but it recognizes it as a reconstruction.

Pompeo’s remarks show that the United States intends to play with a rebuild. Given the urgent needs of Syria in the area of ​​reconstruction, the game will only fail if the governments with Syria, such as Russia and Iran, and some moderate countries will enter this field.

The Syria conflict has rebalanced regional axes of power in the Middle East ( Getty Images )